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Angel Betrayed

Angel Betrayed - Cynthia Eden ** Originally Posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

Review: Cynthia Eden has a knack for writing great stories. Angel Betrayed is book # 2 in her Fallen Series. The story and characters are great, it isn’t often I enjoy angel stories but she has done a really good job creating a compelling plot and interesting characters.

As an angel of death, Sammael (Sam)’s job is to watch, watch how innocent people die. His job is to only take the souls without interference. He gives them peace after their suffering but he has gotten tired of just watching, he now has to do something to stop it. But his actions cost him greatly.

Sam is a fallen, and he has adjusted to his new life. He has adjusted quite well; he has created a reputation among the “others” and that serves him well. I can’t begin to say how much I enjoy reading about Sam. He is sin at its best; the angel is hot, smart and a total badass. His uncanny way of handling his “business” is what has kept him alive for the main purpose of making his brother pay.

Seline is a succubus and she has set her eyes on Sam. She knows the angel is dangerous but she can’t help feeling attracted to him. Her plan is to get Sam to fall for her so that she can win her freedom. Everything goes well until she starts falling for the enemy. The chemistry between Seline & Sam was instant. From the moment he saw her, he knew he had to have her. Seline enjoyed Sam’s attention what she didn’t know was that she would get more than she could bargain for.

I enjoy these characters, they are witty and funny. Their interaction & dialog was entertaining and felt real. The action was entertaining and made this read even more fun. There is plenty of sex, and tension between these two characters. There ingredients for a great series is there, love, action, kick-ass angels and awesome villains. I am looking forward to reading Book #1 of the series. We are given a taste of the relationship between Nichole & Kenan and it looks like their story is awesome. I am looking forward to reading it the next book.