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The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: There is a reason why I was hooked on this series from the start and the reason is that Allison Sekemoto rocks. The story picks up right where The Immortal Rules ends, Allison is trying to get to his Sire who was capture by Sareen. In this installment of Blood of Eden, there are things at stake, the disease is spreading fast and it is leaving more than death in its path. For humans and vampires alike Rabidism is a plague that promises to exterminate them all, it doesn’t forgive or discriminate. While some are fighting to find a cure, others are fighting to clean the world of human and vampires alike. Though I admit I was not a big fan of Sareen in the first book (I am usually a fan of the bad guys) I admit that this time around he stole a little bit of my heart, I think he is one crazy, sadistic and insane vampire who is able to sneak behind the shadows of ones heart and dig his way in. I totally love Sareen, why you may ask, I do because he is everything you expect a bad guy to be and more.

Did I say that Allison rocks? I totally love her character, she is smart and quick, she still holds onto her humanity and that’s exactly what makes her so awesome. Though her human side could be considered a weakness I think it is in fact what brings her strength because she sees life in a different way, she appreciates it, she cherish it. Her maturity comes at a cost because she has had to learn the hard way who to trust and when. Jackal on the other hand excel as a vampire whose nature and cocky demeanor could care less about the bloodbags as he calls humans. Jackal is an intriguing character, one can’t guess where he is going or when he is coming. He is unpredictable and unrepentant, yet he is charismatic and funny. I really enjoyed his interaction with Allison, his character can be huge, and in this installment he was a major factor if not one of the most important parts of the story. Zeke is back in this story, his appearance brought the needed drama to balance out the story. His character is a lot more active in this installment and we get to see just how much as a character he has grown since he last saw Ally. Zeke’s importance in the story just quadruple. He has become a lot more mature, and still looks just as sexy as when he was introduced to us.

The fringe is dangerous, even more so now. The fight for survival is fierce, now the humans and vampire alike must fight for salvation, the world as their know it may come to an end, the cost for the cure is high, and there is always pain involved. We are transported once again to the world of the Fringe, a world in which only the strongest and most agile survives, but where humans are not longer a safe. Bloodsuckers aren’t the only problem now. Think of The Eternity Cure as a combination of WWZ & I am Legend. The settings are still dreadful, dangerous and sad.

The death, the fighting and the unexpected and at times humorous scenes makes this book a must read, expect to be blown away by Allison’s fighting skills, she has grown up and have become a true vampire. I was left with so many questions, but I think I have an idea of what may happen next because the “little bird” has vengeance as incentive and we know how “possessive vampires can be”. I think my hopes and expectations for this installment were all met, I wouldn’t be able to put into exact words how I felt about this book but I have given you a broad example of why I liked it so much. The Eternity Cure is fast paced, expect bloody fights, betrayal, death and love. Allison, Zeke, Jackal & Kanin will leave you gasping for more. Sareen & Salazar were awesome and I can’t wait to read more. Julie Kawaga’s ability to create strong characters and exciting plot is flawless.