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Lustful Cravings

Lustful Cravings - Paloma Beck ** Originally Posted @ SinfulReads Blog

Lustful Cravings is only 96 pages but do not let the length of the story fool you. This story introduces us to a new series that promises to be good. The plot isn’t complex yet it gives us a glimpse to what’s to come. The Valendite Breed isn’t your typical vampire breed. There is uniqueness to them. They are known to exist yet the knowledge of their existence is well protected. They live and walk among humans and serve a very specific purpose. I liked the story because it is different from other paranormal vampire series I have read. Their role is to help humans and their destiny is to find their mates which are possessed by one of the 7 deadly sins.

The Valendites Breed was created by scientists, genetically altered men for the main purpose of winning a war. These men were later given gifts that would change their future and the future of their species. I totally think this new concept of generically engineer sort of vampires brings the most needed change to an already saturated genre.
Madden is a very powerful breed and his power comes in many forms. He is in charge of an immortal organization that forms a secret branch under the CIA. One of his many talents is that he is immune to certain type of magic. Because of the nature in which they have lived and moved throughout the world the chances to finding a mate is slim. When he finds Layla he knows she is the one. Layla knows she found her mate when her body can hardly contain the lust she felt when she met eyes with Madden.

I found these two characters so loving and cute. I totally enjoyed Layla’s character. She is smart, beautiful and sweet. Madden is sexy, intelligent and very manly and will not stop until he has made Layla his mate. There is an awesome twist to this story; it will make the reader wish they had their own Tre Adoro.
The characters are likable, their dialog flows easily. There interaction is believable and their love and dedication to their mate will make your heart ache. I really enjoyed the author’s writing style. It is witty, imaginative and creative. I am looking forward to reading more from Paloma Beck an author you want to keep an eye on.