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Edge of Dawn: A Midnight Breed Novel

Edge of Dawn: A Midnight Breed Novel - Lara Adrian **Originally posted at ReadingDiva's blog **

REVIEW: When I saw this book was available for grabs in NetGalley I almost screamed. I am a big fan of Lara Adrian and I can’t wait to read her books. Edge of Dawn is the latest book in The Midnight Breed Series.

The story of Mira starts 20 years later after the world discovered that humanity has for centuries shared the world with Vampires. The turmoil and problems started with Chase’s story and the roller-coaster of events that followed from there didn’t stop. For the past twenty years, the breed has been fighting for survival and for a peaceful existence. Their troubles didn’t end with the death of Draco, on the contrary, his actions set off a domino effect that would bring death and loss to the Breed and humanity alike.

Now that vampires are part of the world they have come to form part of society and part of all the forces such as military & political. Lara Adrian creates a world in which human and vampire fight to co-exist while evil lurks in the background plotting and twisting fate. After we saw the results of Chase’s capture and Draco’s death, I didn’t know what Mrs. Adrian would bring to the table to keep the series interesting and going, and my god she didn’t disappoint. We know Mira to be just 6 – 7 year old when the knowledge of vampires got out, as a child, Mira was fragile and vulnerable, 20 years later she has proven to be a valuable addition to the fight for justice and survival. She is tenacious, strong and agile.

Mira is the first woman to become captain of a team; she is all around a kick-ass heroine. Having to prove herself in the field, fighting comes easy to her, and that’s why I enjoyed her character so much. The drama in this book is non-stop; the revels have found ways to kill vampires all around the world. Increasing their targets and finding ways to bring uprising and hate in the human world against vampires. Now, the threat to the breed in general comes in form of a high tech weapon. The creation of a weapon which was not intended to kill vampires but its technology was perfected to do just that.

The action is non-stop and the tension between some characters is high. Kellan, who we know lost his family and came to live in the compound, is now one hot breed male. His friendship with Mira started the night he arrived at the compound, and the moment she tried to help him after being attacked by rogue vampires. Their relationship develops and they became more than friends, everything was going well until Kellan’s…HA I am going to leave that hanging there.

This book is intense, there are plenty twists and turns. There is a plot for total elimination of the Order, a plot to take over the world, and a plot to develop a technology that could eliminate the breed nation as a whole; all of these things and the tension between Mira & Kellan make Edge of Dawn my favorite Paranormal book for January. There are lies, deceit and betrayal; there is also love, friendship and understanding making Mira & Kellan two of my favorite couples.

Readers will be kept at the edge of their seat, and by the time they are done they will not have any nails left. We get a glimpse of everything that has happened since First Dawn (when humans learn about vampires) and readers will be glad to learn about what has happened with other characters such as Tegan, Lucan and Niko. There is a lot going on in this book and be prepare for the steamy scenes between Mira and Kellan. You may need a glass of cold water or just a cold shower. Keep a fan handy because you will lose yourself into these two characters. If you thought Chase love story was intense, Mira and Kellan are perhaps the hottest of them all. Young love, intense, hot and passionate. I loved it!