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The Girl with the Iron Touch

The Girl with the Iron Touch - Kathryn Smith **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: One of the reasons why I like Kady Cross’ Steampunk Chronicles is because I get transported to a world where charm doesn’t take away bravery and where the ladies aren’t expected to be saved but to kick ass as hard and fast as the men. I like it because it also combines the old and the new in a very inventive and innovative way. I love this series, it is entertaining and quite engaging. In this installment of the Steampunk Chronicles, we are introduced to the comeback of the ever hated and thought dead the Machinist “Garibaldi”. The adventure and action is non stop making this book exciting and action packed.

Emily & Sam are closer than ever but not as close as Emily wish they were. The fight is brought to their doors when Emily is kidnapped by the automatons created and commanded by Garibaldi.
The plot develops nicely, showing is a more powerful group than they were before. Finn is still as strong as ever and now that her relationship with Griffin has moved to a new stage things seems to be going somewhat smoothly. However, as Griffin shows an increment in his power Finn becomes aware that something isn’t right. Jasper is also there, though only in the background he is always ready to pounce.

This time around the group seem a lot more powerful together, things are changing but not necessarily as they wish it was, secrets are ever present and love is in the air. I like how awesome Emily is, she is smart & brave. She isn’t afraid to say what she feels and I love that about her, she knows Sam cares for her but she isn’t willing to sit back and wait for him to tell her, she takes charge and does what I think Finn would’ve never done. I love she is delicate but not necessarily fragile. She has a strong spirit and take charge when she has to.

The action is fun, I like how well developed this story was. We get to see the extend of what Garibaldi is willing to do, his plan and his power. I love how Finn and Griffin’s story keeps developing, I was also happy to see Emily and Sam finally coming to terms about their feelings. I couldn’t ask for more, I love Sam. His temper, his strength and his love for Emily is what make him the perfect hero. He is all around sweet and adorable.

This series has it all, action, great characters, engaging plot and a bad guy whose arrogance and treacherous bidding makes him as terrible as the devil himself. If you haven’t read Steampunk yet you may want to consider starting with this series. The characters are nicely developed, the plot is interesting and engaging and the romance is sweet. Keep in mind this a YA book (series), do not expect steamy scenes because there isn’t any. Jump into the world of Steampunk and enjoy the wild ride!