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Complete Me: A Novel

Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog Rating 4.5

REVIEW: There are certain series that capture you and would not let go, the Stark Trilogy does exactly that. When I read Release Me, I was compelled by the characters and their story, by their demons and they triumph and most of all, by their desires and need. By the time I read Claim Me, I was already enamored and seduced by Damien Stark whose power and raw sexual desire made me squirm and at times salivate, while Nikkie showed me that to be a great character it isn’t always required to be submissive & fragile, and that female characters are allowed to have their own voice. Complete Me was everything I expected it to be, raw, detailed & explosive.

Complete Me brings out to the table all sort of emotions, reactions and answers that have built up since Release Me. I love how well the story flowed from Claim Me to Complete Me. We get to see a lot more of the deep and raw emotions that were part of Damien past. Damien and Nikki reached the tipping point in their relationship. Their growth as a couple was slow but I like that it didn’t feel rush.

We saw them grow, break and come back together, making us sad, and at times making us feel vulnerable. We cried, we cursed, we also shared their desires and overwhelmingly approved their most sinful act of love, their lovemaking made us hot, their support for each other made us jealous and their unconditional love made us hopeful.

As I read Complete Me, I become more aware of how amazing this story was. We get to see a Nikki that grew from a scarred and broken soul to a strong and confident woman who fought for love and did it with grace and passion. Throughout the series we saw both characters Damien and Nikki go from unstable, broken and scarred characters to more defined and purposeful. They gave us drama, passion, desire and the most amazing sexual experience two characters can have while bridging the gap between pain and pleasure. These two characters took us into a journey, they gave us a story filled with pain, passion, deceit, & raw desire.

The author did an amazing job by creating situations, scenes and the drama that felt real, making the plot flawless. The passion felt between these two characters was contagious and who would not agree that at times it was inspiring. The realization that love and support would break even the strongest of barriers was simply an idea I didn’t think it existed in Nikki & Damien’s story. I am happy to have been able to read all 3 books, their story is great, their failures and triumphs inspiring and the sexual tension and encounters should be made into a sex manual. I really loved this series, I am hopeful we get to see more of these two characters. What makes this series even better is that the author created secondary characters that added depth to the story, they added importance to the drama, their own struggles added uniqueness making the story feel real.

I can’t recommend this series enough, the characters are rounded and well-developed, the plot flawless and the sex amazingly hot. I am not sure I will be able to let those characters go yet lol.