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Adam - Jacquelyn Frank Jacquelyn Frank has a knack for writing a great prologue. Just after a few pages into Adam we come across the death of a beloved character in the series, and yes I was in shocked and I almost yelled “what the heck is going on”. Don’t let this shocking development fool you, keep reading my friend keep reading.

Adam is book # 6 of the Nightwalkers Series by Jacquelyn Frank. This is the story of Jasmine and Adam. Adam was one of the most anticipated books of the Nightwalkers Series, Yes we loved and enjoyed Noah but it is Adam that has created a commotion throughout the web. As a Jacquelyn Frank’s fan I am happy to say this is a hot, exciting, and kickass story. As every other story of the Nightwalkers series this story has tons action, it also has its share of evil, sex and love.

We got to know Jasmine in Noah’s book. We learned about her hatred for Syreene, Damien’s mate, but we also know her as a strong character filled with regrets and desires. What do we know about Adam? We know Adam disappeared 400 years ago and was never seen again. We also know he is Jacob’s brother, the enforcer capable of maintaining order and the one person Jacob looked up to for guidance...

Though I loved Adam, I felt there was a lack of development in the story, Adam and Jasmine interaction is minimal compared to the other books in the series. I felt their story and interaction was rushed. The reading went fast, the action is non-stop, but the character development is lacking a bit. I am hoping there is a lot more to this series, the book left me with tons of questions and pretty much in a “HUH” kind of state.

Adam is sexy and the chemistry between him and Jasmine is great. They are strong, smart and downright kickass heroes in their own sexy and hot kind of way. Their combination is dangerous yet funny. Jacquelyn is still the same witty, talented and funny author that we all love.

I gave this book a 4.5 on my blog. Check it out here