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Grave Dance

Grave Dance - Kalayna Price ~~** Originally Posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

Reviewed by Vicky: In Grave Dance we rejoin Alex a month after her last ordeal to find that she is continuing with her life as normally as possible despite the new, slightly different view she has of the world.

She has been asked to consult on a case where a foot has turned up in a swamp after a flood and they need her expertise to find the rest of the body. As she searches, she finds several other body parts and she realises that glamour is involved so the case is handed over to the Fae Investigation Bureau. As the case continues to develop, Alex and her friends are repeatedly attacked by what turns out to be magical constructs using glamour and after each encounter the tension with the FIB investigator, Agent Nori, increases further.

Falin Andrews returns dramatically, thrusting himself back into Alex’s life. Though she doesn’t want him there, especially after he upped and left after the last case they worked on and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since, her body seems to have other plans for her. As Alex finds out more about Falin she becomes increasingly confused but it is obvious that he does have strong feelings for her even though he uses his experience at hiding what he is feeling.

Death is still hot for Alex and wants to protect her but finds that he is conflicted by his duties. He’s not impressed with the return of Falin and see’s him as the competition for Alex’s affections. I’ve become quite fond of Death’s appearances, even though they are normally at a time when Alex is facing trouble, the subtle emotions that he seems to project about his feelings for Alex make him seem like a sweet, sensitive and caring character.

After reading Grave Witch I have been looking forward to finding out more about Alex and how her abilities develop and also how the relationships with her friends and family change. I’m pleased to say that Grave Dance didn’t disappoint. Kalayna Price is creating an individual interpretation of an alternative world of witches and Fae. We are given further glimpses of the world of Faerie which adds an intriguing element to the story and definitely something I hope we see more of in the future.