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The Guardian's Soul

The Guardian's Soul - Jamie Lynn Dougherty ~~** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog Rating 4.5 of 5 **~~

REVIEW: The Guardian Soul is the continuation to The Guardian’s Kiss. The story did not disappoint me, the fight against the devil takes a toll and it is a battle to the death.

I enjoyed this installment of the book a lot more than I did the first, but do not get me wrong I enjoyed the first book a lot. What I like even more about this book is how well author Jamie Lynn Dougherty thought out the characters and how she was able to describe their feelings, their surrounding and their actions in ways that made you feel as if you were there.

A big surprise for me was Trent, his change was full and he was now a fallen. His struggles were obvious and his good side was deeply hidden and now masked by his anger and lust which he couldn’t control. I like how the author was able to give us a glimpse into Trent’s mind, showing us his struggles, anger and confusion.

“What do you want” I hissed.
“What do you think I want Samantha? What I’ve wanted all along…You. You might not live though what I am going to do with you, but at least no one else’ll have you either. That’s unless they like my sloppy seconds.”

I was also glad to see H.B. become an important part in the story. Of all the characters, he proved to be the wisest. I liked how we were able to get into his mind and see things unfold from his point of view. His dedication and love for Sam was beautiful yet frustrating.

In this installment we get to see a different Sam, perhaps a bit more mature, more grounded. I totally enjoyed the interaction between her and Barb, it made me laugh more than once. The interaction between the characters was simple yet it felt real.

I enjoyed the drama, the action the fights and the whole love triangle between Sam, Trent & H.B. Though I was happy to see feelings developing more I was a bit disappointed at some of the outcome. I was totally OK with the love triangle but I suppose it wasn’t realistic and she had to go with the one who she was meant to be with. A really surprising ending.

A great love story with fantastic characters and nonstop action that will keep you glue to the pages until the end. Jamie Lynn Dougherty is an author you want to keep an eye on.