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Stolen Sun

Stolen Sun  - L.C. DeCarlo Review by Vicky @ReadingDiva's Blog: Juliana is a resident in the emergency room when she notices that there is something not quite right about the new doctor and wants to know more about the elusive Ana. When Juliana is attacked by Ana at the end of a shift, her whole life changes forever.

Juliana is a very strong independent person who loved her life before the attack. When she discovers that she is now a vampire her main focus is protecting the family that she will no longer be able to see and to provide them with some closure over her disappearance. To be able to do this she has to put aside her feelings about her sire and ask for her help. Ana wants to do her best by Juliana and so is willing to help any way that she can in providing the closure that Juliana needs.

Ana comes across as quite a cold emotionless person at the beginning of the book. As the story progresses we get to learn more about Ana and it becomes apparent that she has feelings for Juliana and that these are confusing to her. She tries to protect Juliana but as this is her first experience as a sire, she finds that things are more complicated and difficult than she first expected and this contributes to some bad feeling between Ana and Juliana.

I found the characters easy to connect with and I was experiencing the ups and downs along the way with them. This is really important to me in as story as if I find it difficult to connect with at least one of the characters I don’t believe in the story as much. I have high hopes for the relationship between Juliana and William as the series progress but I did find that I was a bit disappointed that Juliana appeared to move on so quickly even though she said she still loved her husband and always would. But the connection that the two seemed to experience felt more like a “fated bond” and helped to push aside any doubts about the swiftness of their relationship. Read more here...