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A Taste of Midnight

A Taste of Midnight - Lara Adrian A Taste of Midnight is the story of Danica & Malcolm. This novella is all about Danica and how she comes to understand that second chances do exist. Her character as we learned from the series has always been regal, tasteful and strong.

Lara Adrian does an amazing job when portraying her characters. I am glad to see she didn’t forget about Danica who we have become to like just as much as the other Breedmates in the series.

I like this novella because though it is short it stays true to the series while it maintains its uniqueness and flow. This story as the others has strong & intelligent characters. It has a great plot that will leave you asking for more.

Though Lara introduces a new character, she is able to give us a glimpse of his future and development within the series leaving us with the understanding that there is a lot more to come. This was an enjoyable read, well written, with great development and with flashes of what’s to come for the Order.

This is one of those reads you wish it was longer.