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Lothaire - Kresley Cole As I try to review this book I find it quite difficult because there are so many things to say. I can’t find the words without giving out spoilers. I’ll try to stay away from those so here I go. Lothaire is book number #10 of the IAD series by Kresley Cole. I was so excited when I was able to finally start reading such an anticipated book, the tension, the stress and the eagerness all disappear the moment I was able to sit down and start reading.

Lothaire was is a wild ride. A story filled with raw emotions, desires, love and action. Those who follow Kresley Cole’s series are quite familiar with Lothaire and his reputation within the lore. Lothaire – Enemy of Old is perhaps one of those few characters in IAD series that has touched every character’s life in one way or another. He is known to be one of the most feared Vampires of the lore and one who is almost impossible to kill.

I find his character fascinating, not just because he is portrait as an evil vampire who isn’t capable of love, but because he is intelligent, sarcastic and sometimes even funny. Elizabeth was such much fun to read as well. She is young, matured, hard worker, stubborn and loving. She is the opposite of Lothaire. Her character is strong; compassionate, caring and she does what no one else in the Lore is capable of doing – make Lothaire fall in love, admit his mistakes and actually help others. Though their conflict is constant, she is able to bend his rules and his will.

Lothaire’s character is everything I expected him to be, evil, and possessive, dominant, abusive, intelligent, mental and extremely sexy.

We are also introduced to new characters; and whole new territory within the Lore, the world of the Dacian which many believe to be a myth, and its location unknown. I am looking forward to see what the next book brings, perhaps it will focus on those new characters we were introduced to. I would like to see what happens with “hag – Balery”, Thaddeus and some of the other Dacian vampires mentioned in the book.

I enjoyed the book very much, I loved the plot & the characters were fascinating. I enjoyed how Mrs. Cole is able to manipulate Lothaire’s nature to create such an entertaining read. The world that Kresley Cole has created is filled with adventure, action, sex and love. The men are hot and intelligent, and the women are sensitive and beautiful.

I totally recommend it, it is a wild ride filled with hot sexual scenes, action, love, compassion and understanding.

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