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Angel - L.A. Weatherly Original review can be found at ReadingDiva's Blog

This is such a refreshing story/series. Willow and Alex are two of a kind in so many ways. Willow is half angel half human, and Alex is the assassin sent to kill her. Angel Burn is a story of love, survival and trust.

The Angels are coming, The Angels are coming! Angels have come to earth, but not for the reasons everyone believe. They are slowly killing humans. The angels’ world is dying, and they have come to earth because here they have found the solution to their survival. Angel burn is the mark left by angels after they have fed from a human. They leave a distinctive signature on their prey, and the consequences are fatal.

I have read stories about angels before, however the angels in this story are far from peaceful. They allure their victims with their beauty and the feeling of peace and love. However, as they feed from their prey (Humans) they take away their essence and life. The angels are on a mission to make humans and earth their feeding ground, they have a plan, and that plan can destroy humanity.

Willow is a teenager that found herself involved in a world she wouldn’t have imagine. I enjoyed reading about Willow. Her character is smart, talented, pretty and loving. Her love for her mom is heartfelt. I enjoyed her character because she isn’t a typical teenager, yes she has insecurities as any other, but she is able to manage them and use them on her favor. Her character was very mature.

Alex, there is a lot to say about him as well. He was brought into adulthood by his father, whose job was to train others on becoming angel hunters/killers. He was one of the first to learn about the Angels existence. Alex has suffered loss in many ways, he lost his mother, father and his brother. I liked how the author was able to create Alex’s character as a young man who has gone through very difficult times, yet he has been able to maintain a pure heart. His maturity & wisdom is what I find attractive about his character.

Angel Burn has a great plot, the characters are smart, unique and interesting. Angel Burn is a wild ride filled with strong emotions. The twist and turns add excitement and uniqueness to the story. L.A. Weatherly did a really great job, the characters are well developed and one can’t stop from falling in-love with Willow and Alex. This is one of those stories that will keep you turning pages after pages.