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Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine - Lucy Swing Bloody Valentine is a very interesting story. The concept is quite unique. We usually associate chocolate and Valentine’s Day as two things that just simply go together. In Bloody Valentine, chocolate has a bloody flavor. Chocolate is the perfect way to attract the prey. Bailey is a teenager who despite her insecurities has an amazing ability and a nature that has been kept hidden from her. We are introduced to the story while Bailey is having a dream/nightmare.

“Not again,” I mumbled under my breath and shook my head. As so many times before, I was surrounded by a damp darkness that made it almost impossible to breathe. I searched around me. Pure blackness. I tugged at the lace nightgown, and it pulled on my skin uncomfortably. Unable to see a thing or to distinguish any shapes, I stretched out my arms and took a couple of tentative steps forward. I felt nothing.
“Hello?” Although my voice was low and careful, unsure of who may be lurking in the darkness, it echoed fiercely. I stood still, scared of the effect my disturbance could cause. There was nothing but silence, and the stillness all around me was unsettling. With my arms outstretched, I began to make my way around, knowing from the strength of the echo I was in an enclosed space. There were cold and soft walls about ten feet apart from each other. Keeping one hand on a wall, I walked endlessly, never once stumbling upon anything.

I must say the introduction was what sparked my curiosity and once I started reading I just couldn’t stop. Right away you wonder, what is going to happen next? The story catches your interest as it develops nicely. The characters are fun, witty and cute – the twists and turns make the end even creepier. Bailey’s perfect boyfriend has a dark side, a side she felt compelled to discover. The spookiness behind the story was well thought; the idea of chocolate transforming people into creatures of the night is totally creepy. This is a very nice read with a good combination of dark magic, bloody sacrifices, horror, love and best of all chocolates. I call that the perfect combination. A perfect Bloody Valentine if you ask me, I just wish it was longer.

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