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Mount Up

Mount Up - Melissa Ecker Mount up is a steamy, tantalizing, erotic and playful romance between Natalie Shea and Luke Reilly. Natalie is a young doctor who moved to Arkansas to complete her residency at Little Rock Memorial Hospital after finishing medical school at UCLA. When Natalie was informed that there was an incoming rodeo injury she couldn’t help herself but think why people would put themselves in such dangerous situations. What she didn’t know was that soon she would meet the man who would totally change her life in more than one way. Luke Reilly is your typical cowboy. He is charming, sexy and knows how to ride.

He has been in the business since he was a young kid. He is a popular guy, loved by his family and friends and desired by all the women in town. When Reilly gets into an accident while at the rodeo he is brought to the ER where Natalie is a doctor. The chemistry between them is instant though Natalie fights to ignore it Luke has no shame in showing his interest in her.

There is much more to Luke than the size of his belt buckle. Luke isn’t the type of man Natalie is usually attracted to, but to her surprise her body reaction to his sex-appeal said otherwise. The story develops easily and fast. The characters are fun, sexy and sexual. Melissa Ecker certainly has a way with words, the sex is steamy, and the conversations feel real. The story is short, however it is well thought and developed.

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