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Ember - Kristen Callihan **My Rating is 3.5 Stars**
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Ember is the short story of Miranda & Archer, and the prequel to Firelight. Miranda is a special child, not only for her beauty but because she was born with the ability to create fire. I can’t help but compare this story to Beauty & the Beast but with a fiery twist.

Ember is a story of love, discovery and acceptance. After accidentally burning her family fortune Miranda grows to adulthood feeling indebted to her father who forces her to steal for a living. One day while being accosted in a dark alley she is rescued by Archer. She is beautiful, the most beautiful woman his eyes have ever seen. Miranda can’t help thinking about that mystery man, the man who not only rescued her but the man who seem to find his way into her mind and possibly her heart.

Archer is a man with a dark past, and a curse. He hides behind masks, trying to hide the monster he has become. He travels around the world looking for a cure. His mind and body aches for her. But before that he must find a way to be cleaned from the curse that accost him and keeps him away from her. Miranda sneaks in his dreams at night, she has grown in his heart.

I enjoy reading Ember; though it is a short story I think it is a great introduction to a promising series. The story flows nicely, however there is a lack of character development. Since this was a short read, there wasn’t much background on some of the characters & events. The story flows in a timeline therefore it is easy to follow.

I enjoyed Miranda’s character. She is beautiful, thoughtful and caring. Though she is all those things one can’t mistake that for weakness. I like her character because she knows how to defend herself, she is controlled but agile. I was however a bit disappointed that not much information was given about Archer. Not clearly at least. There wasn’t much background about Archer’s curse or about how he came to being cursed. Yes, his wealth status was nicely described and his losses were briefly noted. This short read has the perfect ingredients for making a great series. I am looking forward to reading Firelight.

This was a very nice and short read.