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Hearts Of Sand (Trinity Pierce, #1)

Hearts Of Sand (Trinity Pierce, #1) - Jamie Lynn Dougherty **Originally posted @ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: When author Jamie Lynn approached me regarding a review for her Hearts of Sands book which released back in July I got all excited. Jamie is the author of the Samantha Brand Series which I also loved and though I know this book is completely different from her angel books I was happy to see she had kept the paranormal theme that she exploits and do so well.

Hearts of Sand is a great story, it follows the mystery of an ancient artifact and tale that says that if you consume the hearts of 3 of the most powerful vampires you will hold immense power. Now, the problem with that is that everyone in the paranormal world thought to be just an ancient tale, nobody actually believe it to be truth until a very dangerous, power hungry vampire starts a hunt for them. Trinity Pierce is approached by the last person she wanted to see again, her maker. Trinity is a vampire, turned by no less than the prince himself Vlad (yeah THAT Vlad). She didn’t want to get involved with Vlad once again, she learned from her mistakes however, after getting an offer she could hardly refuse, Trinity embark in an adventure/search to find this ancient artifacts (the brothers’ heart) without knowing that she soon would discover her true nature and her real power.

What I like about the story is the way the author explores the different characters, from the wolves & vampires to witches. Vlad the prince is powerful, sexy, smart and oh so swoon worthy. Oh and Arsen, he knows how to swoon a girl right off her feet. He is caring, loving, sexy, and the king of the race. Both of these vampires can drive a woman to her knees and both know how to make her quiver.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me toward him. He passionately kissed me, leaving my head reeling. “Trinity. I’d do anything for you.” He let go of me and walked away. Not another word, not a glance back – he was gone.

If after reading those lines your heart doesn’t jump and you squirm in your chair nothing will make you squirm.

So you want to try out for the mile high club?” Arsen asked.

The dialog is fun and the interaction between the characters is simple yet fun, giving us an intricate and fascinating page turner story that will leave you craving for more. The characters are sexy, funny, passionate and complex, Jamie manages to create a fantastic love triangle that will make you giggle, laugh and crave for them, making it hard to choose sides but also making it almost unavoidable to not love all of them. I really was enthralled by the story, once I started reading it I couldn’t let go. I admit to being a big time fan of Vlad, his passion, his undeniable love and admiration for Trinity goes beyond fledgling and maker. There were times when I was as conflicted as Trinity when deciding which I liked more. I loved Arsen. His loyalty, friendship and love towards Trinity was heartfelt, I wouldn’t be able to decide between him and Vlad, they are both awesome. I am looking forward to the next book, I love Jamie Lynn’s writing style, I enjoy the world she creates and her characters. If you haven’t already done so, read Hearts of Sand, you will not regret it.