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Hot Vampire Seduction

Hot Vampire Seduction - Lisa Renee Jones **~ Dual Review: One Book 2 Ladies~** Originally posted on ReadingDiva's Blog.

Hot Vampire Seduction is the short, sexy and enticing story of Aiden & Kelly. Aiden is a vampire warden and Kelly is a doctor in forensics. This is the 2ndbook in the Vampire Wardens Series. The story develops around the two many characters Aiden and Kelly. Aiden is the 2nd of three brothers. This story has reference to book 1 which may indicate it is a good idea to read them in order. That way one can have an understanding of the characters and the story.

This short story has an interesting plot; the warden is fighting against a new breed of werewolf by the name of Andre, who has developed a drug using a combination of werewolf blood and vampire which brings extreme pain in the absence of pleasure.

I like the two main characters, Aiden is a vampire who has had his share of pain. His has suffered a lot and knows that getting close to people isn’t smart since everyone always end up dead. His character is strong, intelligent and sexy. He isn’t the typical vampire male we get to read about in other books and stories. There is uniqueness to his character, perhaps his sensitivity, or just his character ability to bring emotions out of the reader.

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