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Legion of Bats

Legion of Bats - Shadow Stephens ~~* Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5*~~

Legion of Bats is a combination of Urban Fantasy & YA Paranormal. The story is different and engaging. I liked this book; I enjoyed the writing style and the characters. Xmen meets Carrie.

The plot flows easily, the good vs evil in a fight to the death. This is Stephen’s first book and I am quite surprised. Her ability to create such an enticing and engaging story is amazing. The plot plays around a group of people who are quite different from the rest of the human world. They are called Endowed, people gifted with paranormal ability that ranges from mind control to the control of fire and water.

What differentiates this story from others is the way the plot develops; you have the good guys in one side who fight towards a common goal, to save all endowed from crazy scientific experiments and a fight against racism within their world. Their fight is personal and harsh with a common denominator, kill the power-hungry egocentric king. On the other side, you have an evil being whose only goal is to destroy everything he considers against the “law” and different while forgetting his background and real origins.

When it comes to the characters these can be pretty much divided in two: The good guys are witty, funny and kind with a hint of attitude. Their development and interaction is well thought and detailed. Their dialog flows easily and it is easy to follow. Their ability and power puts them into categories of their own raging from 3 to 5 depending on how powerful they are. I also enjoyed the way the author created these relationships between the characters; it was nicely detailed and thought-out. The bad guys don’t fall far behind; they are smart, powerful and evil. These are the perfect ingredients for good drama and amazing fights.

The action is constant, the fight is to death. I love how there is always a chance that something is going to happen, that kept me turning pages after pages. I like stories like that. The main character Zoe can be a bit whiny and childish for her age (25). But that didn’t take away her importance and relevance to the story. My favorite characters are Heyyel & Todd. I can see them two being more than just Endowed/Guardian – she kicked ass and he is charming. Looking forward to reading more from Shadow Stephens, this is a great start. This read is fun, action packed and it has everything you would expect in an Urban Fantasy & YA paranormal.