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Covet - Felicity E. Heaton ~~** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's blog - Rating 4.5 of 5 **~~

**It contains spoilers**

Review: Covet is one of the hottest novela I have read in the paranormal genre and it is not going be the last. Felicity Heaton knows how to make it hot and sensual. Covet is the story of Javier and Lilah a vampire and a human slave. Though the story is short is it one that could almost leave you hyperventilating.

The plot is entertaining, Javier felt enthralled by Lilah’s beauty from the moment he saw her. The story flows easily and it is fast paced. The conflicts, the drama and the character’s chemistry is well thought and developed.

She is an owned human, Javier. I had hoped that Snow was wrong and he did not smell her outside his room, and he did not smell you on her…but you reek of woman and sex.

The scenes and dialog are enticing and quite graphic. If you are weak of heart I suggest you do not read this book, unless you want to experience sweats, hot flashes and a sudden need to take a cold shower. This is a very hot read, I am looking forward to reading Crave.