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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5**

*Contains minor plot spoiler*

REVIEW: Where to begin? This was such a wild ride. This is my 2nd Steampunk book and I couldn’t have chosen a better one. The Girl in the Clockwork Collar was a great read and one that has only increased my new-found love for Steampunk.

There are many reasons why I enjoyed this book so much. The story is probably one of the most entertaining I have read so far this month. It is one that kept me interested and glued to the pages until the end.

I was enthralled by the details and description of the world created by the author. For me this book was a bit special because it depicted New York City like the majestic, dangerous and special place I believe it was during the Victorian era. The story was so interesting, the group of friends travels to America “New York City” to rescue & save their friend Jasper who has been accused of murder. The group of friends find themselves not only fighting to save their friend from an erroneous accusation but they end up fighting to save their friend’s life, as well as fighting crime.

I was fascinated by these characters and their maturity. There is no way to read this book and not fall in-love with the group of friends. Starting with the tenacious Finley, she is such a smarty pants, I love her wits and attitude. The author did an amazing job creating these characters.

Fienly an agile, beautiful young woman with a dark past but who is now able to maintain her two halves in harmony thanks to her friends and her secret crush Griffin. Griffin is able to do magnificent things but is not able to yet tap the enormity of his gift, but he is little by little understanding its great power. Emily, she is intelligent perhaps the smartest of the group, a young scientist who has the ability to communicate with anything mechanical and whose knowledge of science have saved their lives more than once. Sam, died but was brought back thanks to Emily’s efficiency when she operated on him and transplanted the mechanical heart that saved him, I can’t imagine what would be like to have a mechanical heart, or experience fast healing and being able to see beyond the real world and be able to transport yourself to a world where you can see nature in its true form.

The details were unbelievable. I enjoy every bit of this book. Even though I didn’t read the first book of the series I am quite happy about the characters and their personal story. The spark of romance between the two young couple is adorable.

You have Griffin and Finley in one side who are both afraid to show their true feelings for one another and who are just starting to trust each other in a way that is necessary if they want to maintain a friendship and perhaps a relationship.On the other side you have Sam and Emily, both attracted to each other but who are also struggling about their feelings and ways of showing them. Then you have Jasper who after seeing Mei felt as if he was falling in-love all over again but who soon learn what a broken heart really feels like.

I think the level of romance in this book is perfect, the ingredients are there, their flirts and reactions are innocent yet give the story the necessary spark to make it romantic.

I enjoy the action, the dialog and the characters interaction. Great work by author Kady Cross, looking forward to reading more of her work, I feel obligated to read The Girl in the Steel Corset, I think it would give me a better perspective of the characters and I’ll get to know more about Finley’s (2 halves).