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Wicked Nights

Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter ~ ~ * Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog- Rating 5 of 5 *~ ~

Review: Wicket Nights is the first installment of Gena Showalter’s new series Angels Of The Dark. Showalter has a knack for writing awesome paranormal romance. Her ability to create these fantastic characters and world doesn’t fail to amaze me. I enjoyed this new addition to her list so much I can’t find words to describe it. This series is just the perfect start to what promises to be another amazing series. What makes this book awesome? Quite a few things if you ask me. Sorry no spoilers!

The plot, when you have angels fighting evil there is a whole different level of action. Bring into the mix sexy angels and already smoking HOT demons. This story brings together a repertoire of characters that will put you on the edge of your seat. If you follow the LOTU series you are in for treat. Yes, there is plenty of drama, plenty fighting, plenty killing and saving, sacrifices and promises. There is love, there is kick ass heroes and a stubborn heroine whose struggles made her who she is, a kick-ass woman waiting to kick evil’s ass.

The characters, oh there is so much to say starting with Zacharel the unyielding and feared angel. His personality is awesome, he is sexy, strong, trustworthy, and a fierce warrior. He sees no difference in evil, demos and humans alike. A demon is a menace and for him a possessed human isn’t any different. His actions catch up to him though. Zacharel is the type of hero I enjoy reading about. He is strong yet understanding, he is ruthless yet tender. Anabelle is fierce in her own way, she had suffered more than many person would be able to withstand, but those struggles have made her hard, but haven’t break her. She is strong, intelligent, sweet but behind all that hardness there is tenderness. She is awesome and the perfect mate for Zacharel.

Another awesome character is Thane, though Showalter doesn’t go much into his development we are able to get a hint of his importance in the series. We don’t get to see deep into his character, but he can certainly make an impression on the reader. His actions & his alliances make him the man he is. Koldo, oh Koldo, I can’t wait for his story next. He is such a mystery. His origin are confusing, his reasons are troubled and his future is shadowed. I equally loved all the other characters, they were all introduced nicely, not many details but just enough to spark curiosity. Their importance was noted and they added the necessary spark to keep the story interesting. This is definitely a page turner and one that you will not be able to put down until you are sated and until the last page turns into a blank.

If you are a fan of Gena Showalter you are in for a treat. Wicked Nights is the beginning of what I hope will be another awesome series. There is love, forgiveness, redemption and betrayal. I loved everything about this book; I am thankful to have read it before its release. I can’t thank Gena Showalter enough for giving me the opportunity. Awesome read highly recommend it.