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Tortured Hearts - A Collection of Twisted Tales of Love #1

Tortured Hearts - A Collection of Twisted Tales of Love #1 - A.J. Armitt, Shirley Blane, Robert Brooks, Rachel Dove, Alex MacKenzie, Cass Collins, Paul   Murphy ~~** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blogt - Rating 4.5 of 5**~~

Review: Tortured Hearts is a collection of well written, short stories that shows how vulnerable we are when it comes to love and what we are capable of doing in the name of love.

Daddy’s Girl by A.J. Armitt is a fascinating story about a father’s love for his daughter and a daughter’s devotion to her father. If you were put in a position to choose between life and death which would you choose? Don’t be so eager to answer consider the consequences of your actions for those will come back to haunt you at the end. The story is dark as it is gripping. The story develops swiftly, the intention isn’t to go into characters nature or background but it is however written with what I feel is the intention to cause emotion. This is an engrossing story with a very dark end.

Torture by Robert Brooks – Love comes in many shapes and colors, though we are unable to distinguish it or actually see, it is there and it is capable of making us do strange and amazing things. Love can make us come alive in ways that can be hardly described or explain. Love can make us do terrible things; this is the case in Tortured. A man finds meaning to his life through young love. The story is short, shocking and quite believable. I totally enjoy the realistic feel to it.

Where Angels Fear To Tread by Paul Murphy is a sad yet quite realistic story of crime, personal justice, love & vengeance. This story is detailed and grotesque yet tastefully executed. I enjoyed it very much. This story is profound, engrossing and dark yet it doesn’t need to be 300 pages to evoke emotions, great work. This story seems to come out of the news where crime seems to have no boundaries.

The Widow Tompkin by Shirley Blane Ever heard of stories about people who travel to exotic places, or to the country side to never been seen again? Well that’s because there are people like Widow Tompkin around. This story makes me wonder if I ever should consider the well nature of others when accepting favors or if they offer of help is actually genuine. If you enjoyed the movie Hostel you will enjoy this story. Short, sweet and evil.

Threads of Love by Rachel Dove – Great short read – filled with deceit, passion and vengeance. I totally loved it. My only regret – it wasn’t longer. He who laughs last, laughs best…

Homecoming by Alex MacKenzie – This story though strange is interesting. I read it twice and I still couldn’t understand it much, give it a try and tell me what you think.

The Last Dance by A.J. Armitt – This story is like many other horror stories we hear about class reunions and proms. Most people have one person they hated throughout high school. There is always the popular girl who seems to have it all, beauty, personality and all the guys after her. For some people, the high school years are a time to forget and move on from, for others it is a time that shape and define them forever. This story turns unexpectedly; it shows us the complexity and vulnerability of the human mind. I enjoyed this one very much, an interesting end to an interesting story.

A Mother’s Love by Paul Murphy – This is such a heartfelt story and one that has a great impact. Lucy Kent is a medic stationed in the Middle East. We see and hear so many stories about act of valor at war, in this story Lucy Kent does the unexpected but at a price that not many are willing to pay. Great story, fantastically written and one that will leave you with a bitter taste, it comes to show what sacrifices some are capable of making for love.

Happy Anniversary by Robert Brooks – This is a thrilling, engrossing and disturbing horror story. One that made me cringe on my seat. A couple’s anniversary turns into a nightmare when the husband awakes to find himself sitting in darkness. This is disturbingly well written and to the point. Awesome short read.

The Groomer by Shirley Blane – this story is dark, and one that we can relate in some ways. We see stories like these happening every day. I liked the execution, the plot and the details. Nicely done.

Great set of stories, short, nicely executed and quite entertaining. If you are looking for full length novellas this isn’t for you, but do not judge these stories by their length. Each story is just a few pages long, they are well executed & detailed.