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Love the Sinner

Love the Sinner - Avril Ashton ~~** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog Rating 4.5 of 5 **~~

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Review: Love The Sinner is a love story between two very different people. One is a well-known respected cop from NYC and the other is a well-known criminal and boss of one of the most notorious gangs in Brooklyn NY.

Gabriel Ashby has always been on the right side of the law, he has always fought to bring justice and to keep criminals off the streets. That’s until he finds himself in an interrogation room with Angelo Pagan. Angelo Pagan is the boss of Los Pecadores – a gang known to deal with gun trafficking and very dangerous. Drugs are rooming the streets of Brooklyn and bodies are dropping like hot tamales.

Gave and his captain are set to find out who is behind those dealings and they have their eyes set on Angelo Pagan. Angelo is a criminal by profession, after his father’s death he became the “boss” a man known for his dealings and risky business. Pagan has a shadowed past and one he can’t easily forget.

Gave have his eyes set on Angelo but he can’t help notice other things about this dangerous man. Things he never thought to think about or even acknowledge. Angelo Pagan notices Gave in more than one way. He is a man of the streets who keeps more than one secret. He finds himself looking at Gave and immediately feels attracted to him. Their attraction is instant and dangerous.

Love the Sinner is a very nice read; it has a good plot and fascinating characters. This book isn’t for the weak of heart. There is sex (tons of it), very graphic at that. There is love, understanding and resignation. I enjoy how well the author manages to bring these two very different people together; making their differences the very thing that brings them together.

This book has a very nice plot, drugs, firearms trafficking and a debt that must be met. Crime, love, sex & passion seem to be the main theme in this story but don’t let that woo you from reading it. It is short, but it is filled with a great scenes of crime and its dealings.

Reader Advisory: M/M relationship – graphic sexual content.