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Satin Sheets in Space

Satin Sheets in Space - Jessica E. Subject ~~**Original posted @ ReeadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4 of 5**~~

REVIEW: I enjoyed reading this story; it was surprisingly entertaining but short. Danyka lives a boring life and she wants to have fun. She has had boyfriends but never any brought her the satisfaction she craved. They don’t stick around long enough to learn about her. She is a woman with many desires and craves attention and love.

Danyka’s boss has recently married and has given her the opportunity to take a well deserved 2 weeks’ vacation until he comes back from his European honeymoon. He has left her a nice gift, an invitation to a ball where Hollywood hottest people will be attending, her transportation is paid for, her dress is paid for and her date was arranged to meet her there. It couldn’t get any better than that.

Galan has traveled the galaxy; he and his brother have traveled a lot. But something has changed, Galan is ready to settle. He has come to earth looking to find the woman who can fulfill him and can become his companion. 1nightStand is the answer. Volan is Galan’s brother and travel companion, he has had his share of fun, meeting women throughout the galaxy and bedding them too.

The plot is sweet and enjoyable. I am a Sci-Fi fan and though this read isn’t entirely Sci-Fi the idea of two hot ETs sweeping their new-found woman away makes me giggle. I like Danyka’s character, she is cute and funny and women can relate to her desires and needs. Galan is handsome, attentive and loving. Volan is handsome and vibrant, a total hunk.

This read has tons of passion, steamy sex and hot aliens. If you are looking for a short read filled with fun, romance and descriptive love-making then this is it!
An author you may want to keep an eye on!