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Serial SZ Discontinued

Serial SZ Discontinued - Jodi McClure, Zach Revale **Originally Posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: Swing Zone is just 27 pages long but it has enough details to keep you entertained until the last page. It is year 2229 after the world had almost succumbed to natural apocalypse. Earth was almost wiped out by a meteor that passed to close by. In its pass by earth it brought death and destruction.

The action happens in a post apocalyptic US, where society is separated in two; the purists who are what we know today as environmentalists (to the extreme) and the techies who are the citizens who adopt & embrace technology. The city is on the verge of conflict between the purists and soldiers. In the 200 years since the catastrophe, society has tried to exceed and thrive while digging out the remaining pieces of what once was a civilization.

Mia is a high-spirited woman who finds purpose while digging hidden treasure out of the earth. Her and her father’s survival depends very much on their finds and the money they generate from the sale of their finds. I like how the author portrait Mia, she is curious, adventurous and doesn’t stop at anything to get what she considers hers.

This is a nice and innovative way of storytelling, great concept and interesting topic. The author did a great job creating this new society, by adding a hint of suspense and the unknown the author makes the story more interesting. I am looking forward to find out about the purist Mia stun with the taser, what his meaning in the story is and what consequences Mia will have to face. I am also looking forward to reading about the almost eminent conflict between the purist and the soldiers of Freedale.

4 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ½