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The Way Life Was Forever

The Way Life Was Forever - Carey Corp ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's blog - Rating 4of 5

Review: The Way Life Was Forever is about 2 societies (communities) that lives behind closed doors and at different times. One can be defined as the moon-walkers and the other sun-dwellers. Both have their own idea of what the other is and with that comes the legends of what could happen if anyone is left after the doors close.

This story is only 37 pages long but don’t let that fool you. This is a very nice & descriptive story. The author was able to develop the plot and the character enough to keep the reader entertained and curious. The plot brought such a high level of curiosity out of me that I am still wondering if the author would consider writing another book perhaps this time novella length.

Lyra has always been curious about the Sun. She would love to experience its warmth, be able to enjoy it but she knows that’s impossible. She knows it is forbidden to adventure close to the edge of the Forrest, behind those trees lives the Sun-dwellers who are terrible flesh-eating monsters, or so she has been told.

“I don’t understand. What are you? Are you and your people sun-dwellers or moon-walkers?” “
“Neither,” he pronounces with a laugh. “And both. we live as the ancients, before the devide and the fear that’s kept us bound to our vaults and repositories. A life spanning daybreak and nightfall – lived in harmony and without fear of one another. That’s the most important thing, Lyra. Without fear, we truly live”

Perseus is an adventurous young man who knows well what the moon-walkers can do if you venture into their land. Those stories are only credible until the night he meets Lyra. Curiosity eats at them, they both hunger to learn more about one another. The attraction is mutual and Lyra learns that there is a whole new world beyond the Forrest.

This is such a sweet story, I enjoy both Lyra & Perseus and I can’t wait to read more about Quil (Lyra’s little sister). She is probably the next one to get a story since she was quite curious about what was behind the walls during the day and about what lived on the other side of the Forest. A fun read, highly recommended. Short & Sweet!