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Forbidden - Jacquelyn Frank **Originally Posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog ** - Rating 4.5 of 5

Review: It is not new to readers of paranormal romance that Jacquelyn Frank is the author of one of the hottest PNR series out there. She writes hot, emotion filled stories that brings the reader to their knees. Forbidden is the latest book and spin on her Nightwalkers Series. As usual, Ms Frank writes beautiful prose that one can’t deny brings out raw emotions. Her ability for writing kick-ass prologues pretty much put her in the list of awesome authors.

The story starts by telling us about findings discovered by Gabrielle & Kestra, mates to the two most powerful demon Nightwalkers (Jacob & Noah), the start is intriguing and that was the necessary push I needed to devouring this book. The story then moves on to introducing us to Docia, a regular young woman with not much of an interesting life. She is a loving sister, a caring person in general and shops at drifts stores. The plot then develops around the Bodywalker race one that has existed for a very long time but pretty much unknown to the rest of the Nightwalkers.

As in every story there is always evil, the power-hungry villain who can’t seem to get enough from the suffering and destruction of others, the one who will not stop until all his/her enemies are destroyed. What I like about Forbidden is that it brings history back and it gives us a different perspective on Ancient Egypt. The story is sexy and emotional; it entices us around the idea of eternal love.

The characters are sexy, intelligent and very likeable. Even the villain has a spot in my heart. I enjoy the way Ms. Frank introduces us to each character and how easily she sets their important in the series. I always enjoy how Ms. Frank puts the reader in the path to make conclusions, yet she also able to makes us second guess ourselves. Readers will find the same quality in this book that they have found in all others of the Nightwalkers Series. The book has the necessary ingredients to keep you reading all night; it is descriptive, emotional & sexy. If your idea of Ancient Egypt is enigmatic, inciting and all big and mighty, you are in for an even bigger surprise. Body snatchers never been so deadly & looked sexier.

Docia is funny, adorable and mouthy I really enjoyed her playful spirit and her spunky yet innocent personality. Ram is strong, intelligent, agile and a total hunk. He is caring; he is loyal and very protective. He is what every woman dreams of and what every man hates. Forbidden gives the Nightwalker series the necessary spin to spice it up and prove that the series is not yet coming to an end.