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No Strings Attached (The 'Edge' Series)

No Strings Attached (The 'Edge' Series) - Jennifer Labelle ** Originally Posted @ SinfulReads Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: This is a short hot and entertaining read that will make you wonder what would it be like to have a one night stand. Author Jennifer Labelle gives us a glimpse into the world of online dating and one that have proven quite beneficial to some. I liked how she exploited the idea of meeting someone and making the best out of that meeting by going into the unknown and finding an awesome surprise. This is a very visual and explicit read, totally hot and naughty. Ryan and Julie are two sexual being who hit the jackpot when they meet. Both characters were funny, sexy and sexual. I recommend it if you are looking to escape and live vicariously through the worlds of Jennifer Labelle Stories of sex and fun.