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The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog** - Rating 3.5 of 5

REVIEW:When I started reading The Raven Boys I had no expectations, however that didn’t mean I wasn’t looking to get surprised at least a bit. I admit it took me forever to finish this book, between reading a few books at the same time as well as life getting in the way it took me almost a month to completely finish it. Shame I know, but I can’t help sometimes. So there we go.

The Raven Boys is a paranormal YA book that tells the story of a group of very different friends brought together by the desire of the unknown and discovery. The plot goes about the mystery of a king long gone who was brought from around the world and brought to Virginia and buried in a magical place where he will be one day awaken. The person who awakens him will be granted a wish.

Then the story flows into the weird and unexpected between the group of friends. The characters are all quite different, from the social status to intellect. Gansey, rich, adorable and quite intelligent is the master mind behind the quest for the dead king, also very kind. Ronan the mysterious and freakish friend whose rebel and sometimes annoying behavior keeps Gensey’s back safe in times of need. Ronan has more to him than meet the eyes; he is quite intelligent, is a non-sense kind of guy and is also quite aware of what lurks in the shadows and the paranormal. His capabilities and knowledge of the paranormal are a mystery not only to Gensey who knows him well but also to the reader who do not really get much out of his character in this book. Then we have Noah, who is surprisingly adorable, sweet and a loyal friend. His importance is major in the quest but unknown until the very end. Then we have Blue (Jane) whose ability is the same as a magnifier. Blue is a source of energy, she amplifies the energy around her allowing anything paranormal to increase when she is around. Adam left me with a bitter taste, his situation understandable his attitude as well, but his motives are pretty much what turned me off about his character.

The story is nice, I wanted to like it but I just couldn’t help but be disappointed after I was done. It was not until very far into the book when things started picking up. I enjoyed the story just not the pace. There were moments when I was left with a ton of questions and others when I wanted the book to just end. The action takes place in a matter of a few pages, nothing major happens between the characters, yes there is a part where lives are threaten but those who did wrong pay and those who did right just end up with an empty feeling. I felt that some things were spread out for to long and other things weren’t developed enough. I wanted to see more interaction between Blue and Gensy, I wanted more details about Ronan’s paranormal capabilities and what exactly made him more Raven than the rest. I will wait for the next book because honestly, this one ended in a cliffhanger. Done purposely I am sure, but it left me frustrated. I liked the characters but I would’ve liked to see more development and more details. Looking forward to the next book which I hope will leave me a lot more satisfy.