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Improper Relations

Improper Relations - Juliana Ross *** Originally Posted @ SinfulReads - Rating 3.5 of 5***

REVIEW: I am becoming a big fan of Historical Romance/Erotic. I was so pleased to have found a short and entertaining read when I came across Improper Relations. This very short, entertaining and spicy read that will make you laugh, and sometimes shiver.

Though the story is short, it is filled with intense characters and an interesting plot. It makes you wonder how women, sexual desires and needs were perceived during those times when women were only considered a vessel for reproduction and nothing else.

I enjoyed both main characters, their natural charm and experiences brought the necessary spark to make this short an interesting erotic read. Hannah is sweet, delicate, curious and very innocent. Leo is sexy, very sensitive and quite sexual. His teachings and her learning are a great combination that adds the necessary heat to make this read quite erotic.