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Out for Blood

Out for Blood - Kristen Painter *** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog ***

REVIEW: Once again I am out of words after reading one of Kristen Painter’s books. I have so many things to say yet I can’t find the way to express how much I loved it. Kristen Painter’s knack for writing fantastic prose is what puts her in the list of awesome writers of urban fantasy.

Her House of Comarre series has proven to be one of the hottest urban fantasies series out there. As usual, her ability to make these characters come to life is amazing. Out For Blood starts right off where Bad Blood ends. The action & drama in this book won’t disappoint, Chrysabelle and Mal are still working together and defending each other’s back and of course their proximity and attraction only adds to the sexual tension that exist between then.

The plot follows the same line of events as in the previous book. Now that the bad guys have taken possession of a very rare vampire breed the action begins. Expect the same quality of writing, the characters dialog and interaction is fascinating. Their struggles and needs only increase the tension, and this mix of emotions creates an awesome read. If you haven’t read the first three books in this series you really need to get to it. The characters are fantastic, smart, sexy and quite skilled. This series have so much to like, shifters, vampires, demons & fae, the list goes on.

Get ready to enjoy Mal and Chrysabelle’s interaction; there are plenty of changes in their relationship. Their trust for each other only increases their feelings and the undeniable attraction that exist between them. The Kubai Mata still keeps an eye on everything otherworldly and has promised retaliation, and my oh my the possibilities are endless with the introduction of a new characters.

The threat of a war between the varcolai and the vampire is constant and the actions of some may increase the possibility of it. Various characters play a key role in this installment, the Senator (Lola), Luciano (new character), who I think will make an interesting impact in this series as well as Creek’s affair and his new supervisor brought to the series a more needed change in pace.

There is tons of drama, new characters and conflicts, there are transformations and there is death. I can’t wait to see what happens next, Chrysabelle and Mal have the work cut out for them. Tatiana is very powerful and she will not stop until she has what she wants, this time everything else has fallen into a not so important list for her. Tatiana’s concern now lies on something a lot more precious. I love this book, heck I love the whole series. It just saddens me that I have to wait probably another year for the next book. I’ll wait patiently, like a good fan and in the meantime I’ll read other things but perhaps not as satisfying!

Out For Blood has everything an urban fantasy story should have, it has passion, love, sacrifices and kick-ass action. To complete the awesomeness it has sexy vampires, hot shifters and a kick ass heroine who will not think twice before slicing the enemy’s throat. Add to that an extremely sexy and evil villain and what you get is Out For Blood (House of Comarre).