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Starved for Love

Starved for Love - Annie Nicholas *** Originally posted @ SinfulReads***

REVIEW: In the past, way before I started blogging I enjoyed books and stories of paranormal, especially if the stories included succubus and incubus, I think I liked them because of their naughty nature. However, I have noticed that there is never enough development on their character and story. Their characters are always lacking in substance. However, after reading Starved For Love, I am happy to see the curse has been broken.

Starved For Love is the story of succubus Pia Blyton. Pia is in her mid twenties; she has a spunky personality, she is loved by her family and she believes in marrying for love. Unfortunately for Pia that is also a problem. As a succubus Pia knows that love is not an option, in order for her to survive she has to maintain an array of lovers so she can draw energy from her sexual encounters.

I have read succubus stories in the past, this one is quite different because unlike the other stories I read, the succubus is the main character. I enjoyed Pia, I liked her character, but I have reservations about her maturity. Though fascinating, her story felt awkward at times and even predictable. The story was entertaining but it dragged a little.

Though the story didn’t include any real action, the development was based on Pia’s journey to find the perfect man for her, one that she could love and establish a family like the one she grew with. The author did a nice job introducing these characters. One of my favorite was the vampire Zur-Sin. I would’ve liked to read more about him especially after learning he was Pia’s reason for being alive. I think the story is sweet, it just lacked development on certain characters but it also gave in-deep information about Mia’s struggles with her nature, men and love.

The story has hot and steamy sex scenes; they are descriptive enough to make the reader sweat. The male characters are extremely hot. There is an array of men in this book, from a hot and extremely sexy incubus and shifters to big and bad vampires and demons. This story has all the elements to make an enjoyable sexy paranormal read. However, be warned that you will not find a lot of drama or action. The story is based on Pia’s struggles with men and love. It is enjoyable, but do not expect kick-ass action.

Do I recommend this book? YES!!!