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Where There's A Will

Where There's A Will - Karen Kelley *** Originally posted @ SinfulReads - Rating 3.5 of 5

REVIEW: Where There Is A Will is a paranormal romance/ erotica story that brings us the sad story of a beautiful woman trapped between her insecurities and sexual taboo.

It all starts with a wish. Ever heard the saying, be careful what you wish for? Well that’s what happened to Haley. She lives a dull life, no boyfriend, one friend, a protective sister and overbearing parents. The fun starts once Haley’s wish comes true and it comes knocking on her door. The story then turns into an extreme make over for Haley, not just on how she looks but also on how she feels and experience her sexuality. She has desires, she has needs but they are all bundled up in her diary. She refuses to she is beautiful and that there is more to her than her appearance.

It was difficult for me to relate to Haley, I guess because I do not have a small town mentally nor I lack of confidence. I didn’t get her inhibitions and though women experience insecurities, Haley’s case was almost extreme. The author went into details of how poorly Haley saw herself and how others saw her. The self imposed pity was sad to say the least. The author however did a good job developing her character. Haley is a young woman from a very small town where everyone knows each others name and secrets. Her inhibitions and low self esteem have made her doubt herself as a woman. She lacks the enthusiasm of changing her life, until she meets Ryder. Ryder is a half angel half human. He is the solution Haley needs but the solution may be also her end.

Haley is a hidden gem in Ryder’s eyes. He sees her as the beautiful, sensual and sexual being she, but that may not be enough to help Haley. Both characters were charming, their dialog and interaction flowed smoothly and natural. Their attraction was energetic and quite sexual. Haley’s sexuality is put on display in more than one way, the story had fantastic erotic moments, others were sweet and tender and others pure carnal.

I liked how enthusiastic Ryder was on showing Haley how pleasurable life can be. I liked how she let herself enjoy the experiences that would soon mark the woman she would become. The story was nicely but predictable at times, however the author compensated by giving readers quite a few nicely detailed and erotic sex scene. Ryder is sexual, considerate, sensitive and caring. Haley is innocent, inhibited but not afraid of learning once her desires and need took her to the edge. Her innocence added a needed balance to the hot and steamy scenes but didn’t take away from the sensual and erotic relationship that developed between her and Ryder.

Do I recommend this book? Yes - if you love sinful angels that is