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Toying With Temptation

Toying With Temptation - Madison Martin ** Originally posted at SinfulReads - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: Toying with Temptation is a beautifully written romance story that will touch your heart. From the story line to the characters this story will make you laugh and cry. Hailey Burton is a business woman, who stops at nothing to obtain what she wants. She has made mistakes in the past but she has overcome them, or at least she thought she did. The author tells the story of two people who fell in love while very young, and who perhaps didn’t know each other well enough to learn to compromise and make sacrifices in the name of love.

This story comes to show that true love last for a long time and will always find its way into the heart. Hailey was very young when she decided to marry Quinn. They were both in college and in love. What she didn’t know was that things would change the day of their wedding. Ten years later she was a professional business woman but alone. She was very much into her career and working her way to the top. Being an ambitious woman she didn’t stop pursuing what she thought would make her happy; a good position at her company and money. I like how the author portrayed Hailey because it is easy to relate to her character. She was young, beautiful and hard worker. After being given the chance to move up in the latter, Hailey doesn’t think she can handle seeing her ex once again. She has to prepare herself to come up with a plan to get her ex to participate in the event that will not only put the company she works for back into the good eye of the business world but also the media. That event bring more than happiness to kids, it brings her the opportunity to find happiness again.

Quinn is pretty much what any woman would dream about. He is kind, loving, hard worker, driven and extremely handsome. He fell in love with Hailey while they were both in college, he did all he could to get her attention and things just fell into place from there. Quinn was a happy until the day of his wedding. When Hailey shows up at his office he wasn’t entirely prepare to see her again. Quinn wanted to make her pay for all she put him through, but what he didn’t know was that by agreeing to help her he was bringing himself into a game he wasn’t sure he would win, and he wasn’t sure he would be able to come out of it without a broken heart.

I love this book, this story is about trust, commitment and forgiveness. The love between the two characters is inspiring, and their love making is steamy. This is one of those books you read and you wish the story just kept going, it was so beautiful and sweet, I totally loved it. Romance, love, understanding, heart breaking, and forgiveness all in one story. You have to read this one!