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Normalish - Margaret Lesh **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog **

REVIEW: I am usually skeptical when it comes to YA, I can’t help it. When I started reading Normalish I was a bit taken aback because I thought this was just another story of a whiny teenager, but I kept reading. Normalish is different, because though the main character is quite young she is also very mature.

Normalish is written in a series of journal entries, in which the main character Stacy records the different events developing in her life. From her thoughts about the death of her father to finally kissing her crush, to experiencing pain after the death of the guy who showed her love for the first time.

This is a heartfelt story, it had me laughing, shaking my head and at times crying. The writing style is different, not necessarily in a bad way. Stacy is usually doing a mental inventory of what is happening to her. I think the author did a good job developing her character, she showed us a sarcastic & mature teenager who dealt with pain and death in many different ways. It also shows us that age does not always determine maturity. Stacy understands right from wrong and knows that every action has a consequence.

This is a very deep and insightful story, it is well written and it will keep you turning pages. Readers of YA may want to keep an eye on Margaret Lesh. I enjoy this book and I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what normal is. I even asked Joy, and she just laughed and said, “No such thing.”
Am I normal? Well, I still hate school, I still think most of the kids are idiots, and I still feel sometimes like I’m an alien from another planet observing the habits of Earth teens. I still have no idea, no clue, what normal is. So I think I’ll just shoot for Normalish.

Readers, if you enjoyed stories such as Pushing The Limits you will definitely enjoy Normalish. Expect mature characters and drama all over the place.