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Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog **

REVIEW: I can’t deny that Beautiful Bastard has a catchy title, just as I can’t deny the book cover reminded me of Mad Men (Don Draper). What I wanted to find inside those pages was a sexy story that would bring me to my knees and leave me pretty much salivating, and oh boy did I get what I wanted.

Beautiful Bastard is a sexy, well written modern story of two very different people brought together by desire, intelligence, tons of sex and love. What I like about this story is that doesn’t follow the same line as of Fifty Shades by E.L. James, in this book both characters are unique and well developed. Both are sexy, intelligent and not so innocent. Beautiful Bastard will blow your panties away. Ladies panties replacement required.

This story flows nicely, Bennett Ryan is thirty something man who has more than looks, he is sexy, educated, well traveled and a horny beast. He has made work his center and has proven to be good at it. What makes this story even more sensual and erotic is not just that he is a panty ripper; he also enjoys dirty talk. He isn’t shy about what he wants and how he likes it, he can close a deal as easy as he bends his woman over a conference table. There is not a window or a wall that stands a chance of not being used as an aid to his sexual game. I was left drooling after reading this book. What I like about Mr. Ryan is that he is good at almost everything, the bastard speaks French fluently, he lived in Paris for a long time and brings that sexy and sensual European flair with the looks of a sexy American boy. The combination of raw, sexy and smarts makes him one of the hottest characters of contemporary Erotica right now.

Mr. Ryan is the boss, and under his supervision is a sexy intern who has as much spark and sassiness as he does. She isn’t afraid to tell him like it is and fight back. Chloe is in her twenties, she is about to complete her MBA and is working towards securing her future. She has worked at Ryan Media for over six years. She has proven to be qualified for any job and has proven to be quite efficient in more than one way. During her time at Ryan Media she has earn a reputation, she has been in charge of a multi-million dollar account and that’s exactly what is going to help her score her graduate degree as well as a job in the near future. What Chloe hadn’t planned was getting romantically or sexually involved with the boss and losing her panties and heart while at it. Mr. Bennett Ryan, the beautiful bastard has the skills and a way to make any woman drool over him, but Chloe has the body and brain to make him beg.

I could go on about this book but I think it isn’t fair that I spill all the beans. Ladies, do not delay and order this book. This is such a fun read, it had me laughing out loud, it had me drooling and quivering more than I like to admit. Beautiful Bastard is smart and sexy, delightfully written and totally erotic. I am not sure I will be able to attend a meeting without giggling about the things one can do on top of a conference table or against a high rise window or just in the elevator. I will never be able to step inside an elevator without measuring the possibilities…oh the possibilities. Loved this book and I can’t wait to read more of this author.