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The Fetish Box, Part One: Open All Night

The Fetish Box, Part One: Open All Night - Nicole Camden ***Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog ***

REVIEW: I wanted to enjoy this book but there were many things that stop me from liking it. Mary is a twenty-two year old girl who has been living a sheltered life. She lived with her grandmother and father. Though she had a mother her father and grandmother did everything possible to make sure Mary never met her mother.

Mary is a college girl living in California where she shares a house with a bunch of college friends. As the story develops we learn that Mary inheres a sex shop from the mother she never met. She wasn’t sure how that would play for her specially since she wasn’t an expert on the matter of sex. She considered what to do with it, but knowing that it would be the only thing bringing her closer to her mom she decides to keep it. So Mary embark in the an adventure and drive to Florida to claim what was now hers. I particularly did not care much for the story before she reached Florida, for some reason some of it felt irrelevant to me. I wanted to get to the actual development of the story that I found myself reading faster just to get to the good part.

Once Mary arrived in Florida she came face to face with what was now hers, her mother’s house, her cats and her business partner. Though I can’t think of a better way to introduce yourself I think Max’s introduction to Mary was a bit forward if not unrealistic. Coming to face to face with your business partner and having him kiss you without any warning or introductions is a bit disturbing if not unrealistic. For a virgin and for someone who was not sexually incline to naughty things, Mary reaction to Max was more than you would expect from a good girl. I am not sure that particular scene was well thought-out, I am not saying things like that don’t happen, but I had expected a different reaction from Mary, especially since she just met her business partner.

The sex was good, I mean really good. Great steamy scenes and lots of details, but the story felt short, it lack development, we don’t really get a background on Mary’s mom and what was like for Mary to growing without her mother. We learn very little about her father and his reasons for never talking about her. I think it has to do with how the publisher/author decided to break the book down by chapters instead of making it a full novel. I think overall the story didn’t have the WOW factor I expected. I am leaving it up to the reader to decide if they should read the next installment after reading the first novella.