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Exposed - Kyra Davis **Originally Posted @ SinfulReads Blog ** - Rating 3.5 of 5

REVIEW: Exposed is book # 2 of the Just One Night Series. The story picks up right where book #1 left, after Dave found out that Kasie was having an affair with Robert Dade. As Kasie tries to punish herself for her indiscretion, if you call it that, she tries to work things out with Dave and show him she can make things work again. However, she also realizes that Robert has woken a side of her that not only scares her, but it also thrills her. She is not longer that woman who was afraid of feeling things, afraid of exploring her desires and needs but she is a woman who wants to have a life full of desire, wanton need and pleasure.

Though this book goes deeper into what Kasie felt after the incident with Dave, I don’t think it shows as much as it tells us what she thinks and what fantasies goes through her mind. I felt like I was forced to accept and “listen” to her inner rants, sadness, her struggles and unfulfilled needs. One thing I liked about this book however, was how the author kept the mystery going around the measured, educated and compulsive Dave. I felt there was something he was hiding and though I didn’t deviate far from his admission to Kasie I was happy to see the mystery behind his character paid off.

I understand Kasie’s fear of losing everything she worked for, but I don’t understand her need for approval. She is independent, intelligent and strong, but her need for acceptance and approval is something I can’t fathom. Overall I think this book sets the mood to a great finale, I think the path is set and hopefully soon we get to see where Robert will take Kasie. Their relationship is taking a turn but at this point it is almost impossible to say to where. The changes they are experiencing is making Kasie see her life with a new perspective, her love and desire for Robert may have blinded her before, but now she is considering her actions and where they may take her. I like where the story is going, I am looking forward to seeing a stronger and independent Kasie, I think the changes between her and Robert will set the mood for the next book. I hope, the changes we are seeing in Robert aren’t changes for the worse, though I am starting to wonder if he is just a jackass or if he really is in-love with Kasie.

If you enjoy ravishing, desperate and breath-taking love scenes then Exposed is for you. Just be aware that Robert Dade will steal your heart and take your breath away.