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Twisted Desires: A Suspenseful Murder Mystery

Twisted Desires: A Suspenseful Murder Mystery - Nelda Shattles Copas ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: I am sure that I am not the only one who sometimes feels like kicking oneself for either taking too long to read a book or for not bumping books to a higher priority in my reading pile. This is the guilt I feel for not reading Twisted Desires sooner. I am a fan of murder mysteries and psychological thrillers and though I love the genre I don’t read enough of it.

When the author approach me asking me if I wanted to read the book for review purposes I was both skeptic and curious at the same time, I haven’t read a crime novel in a while and though I love the genre sometimes it is difficult to get into it. I am glad I read Twisted Desires.

Twisted Desires is packed with detailed crime scenes and gruesome discoveries. This is a story where sex, passion and crime mix together to create an action packed, thrilling and gruesome story that will keep you glue to the pages. I was hooked from the moment I started reading. The story flows nicely while introducing us to detective Delsey MacKay & Bill Phelps. Both characters give the story the balance that makes it more intriguing. One brings the years of experience and the other brings the fresh and inquisitive mind that it is required to think outside the box and to see crime scenes objectively.

The story takes us into the secret world of sex, pleasure and at times depravity. To that combination add money and secrecy and you have Twisted Desires. The secrecy and the idea of living a double life are both, fascinating and troublesome. In Twisted Desire we get to see exactly what happens when sex, childhood abuse and trauma and secrets are mixed. The result is thrilling, fascinating and dangerous.

I liked how well these characters were developed, giving the feel of reality. Their dialog and interaction feels realistic, their insecurities and feelings were nicely detailed and exploit. I like how both detectives were able to bring different things to the story. One brought charm and experience, the other brought energy and fresh approach. I enjoy the other characters, Ash being perhaps the most prominent of the secondary characters and one I’d like to read more about. I am also looking forward to reading more of agent Grey. He gives the story a deeper and darker touch by being descriptive & analytical. He gives the story a more psychological approach by almost becoming and entering the mind of a criminal. I totally loved that.

Twisted Desires is a great story, it has mystery, sex, suspense and crime. The secrecy behind living double lives and the consequences of this make this story a page turner. I found the crimes scenes disturbingly creative and real, the drama and suspense of figuring out who the killer was made the story fun. What would you do if a killer is on the lose, killing everyone around your “social circle” anyone who is part of that sexual fantasy world of S&M & BDSM is at risk, would you talk to the police and risk your privacy? Or do you go on with your life knowing that you could be next?

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a chance of pace and who is looking for something more challenging to the mind. The author did a great job, I am looking forward to reading the next book and finding out what agent Grey is going to do to keep Delsey safe. Read it, you won’t regret it.