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Open Heart - Emlyn Chand **Originally posted at ReadingDiva's Blog**

REVIEW: Open Heart is told from Simmi’s point of view. If you read my review of Farsighted you will know why I liked Open Heart a lot more. This story goes into the struggles and insecurities every teenager including those with impairment goes through while also touching their struggles with life and death, and situations of love and acceptance. Simmi is kind, sweet and loving. I like her character because she almost seems real, her struggles and insecurity gives the story a “real” feeling to it. The story is emotional and heartfelt. The uncertainty of the unknown gives the story a spark of suspense and interest that will keep the reader glue to the pages. While Alex and Simmi struggles with their “gift” new things start to happen around them and their love and loyalty will get tested.

I like how well the author was able to define and spell out the troubles these teens go through, as well as how well diversified her characters are. I liked every aspect of this book a lot more than the first book. The combination of emotional and young characters gives the story the dramatic spark that makes it entertaining while showing us the struggles and heartfelt situations that define these characters. The supernatural & paranormal effect gives the story necessary uncertainty while bringing afloat everyday issues which are relevant to the story making it feel real and unique. The character are mature, unique and very likeable. Unlike most of the YA being published lately, these characters come from different social and cultural background giving the story a more unique and diverse point of view while reflecting on differences and prejudice.

Open Heart gives us, heartfelt situations, daily struggles with weight, love, trust, and loyalty. This is a book you want to add to your list of Paranormal YA/Fantasy, make sure you read Farsighted first since these are not stand alone stories. If you read Open Heart first, you will not be able to understand some of the struggles and decisions that are based on previous events and situations. I recommend the Farsighted Series to anyone who wants to read something different about a group of characters who live in the world of the supernatural and paranormal while experiencing the every day social struggles that are part of every teenager’s life.