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Drowning in You (Finding Forever In Us, #1)

Drowning in You (Finding Forever In Us, #1) - Rebecca Berto **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 3.5 of 5

REVIEW: Drowning In You is the story of two young and very much inlove adults whose life is touched by tragedy. The plot developes slowly and follows a very tragic pattern for both characters. Charlee’s parents die as a concequence of a freak accident. Behind that accident is the one boy she has always had a crush on, the one guy she has loved for a long time. Her life changes when her mother dies and her father is confined to a bed waiting for the day when his life slips away.

Darcy’s past comes back to hunt him every time he sees Charlee. Their connection is deep, it surpaces tragedy and pain. The promise of the story is good, but it was difficult to connect with the characters and the pace in which the story developed. I also had a bit of difficulties following the two POVs, there was a time when I wasn’t sure if I was reading Dexter or Charlee’s POV. I also got confused with a word or two but nothing that Google didn’t solve. There were things about the story that bothered me, the hate towards Dexter by everyone town, the blame that still fell over Dexter even when his name was cleared.

I enjoyed the drama and the tension between Charlee and Dexter. I think their feelings and passions were nicely exploit. I liked how well the auhor was able to express the character’s feelings, their pain and their frustrations. This story is filled with passion, troubled loved, loss and frustrations that makes this read feel deep. I recommend Drowning In You if you enjoy heartfelt stories, with a touch of passion, young love & deep desire.