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Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog **

REVIEW: When I saw this book available in Netgalley I wasn’t able to contain the temptation. I have heard so many good and bad things about this book. I know must people look for ways to connect with a book and its characters, but for me I wasn’t looking to find some of my own young experiences reflected at me.

Beautiful Disaster is a well written story that compels you to read it nonstop until the last page. The complexity of its characters and narrative of their lives explores the many ways love changes one’s life. Though some people experience love in many different ways Beautiful Disaster manages to explore the feeling in its most natural and sometimes overwhelmingly raw nature.

While I find those feelings nicely explored and displayed, the nature of each characters also brings out some of our own experiences when it comes to young love. The need, the new desires and the trust that one put into someone else is at times scary and most times unnatural. I loved Travis and his overwhelming way of loving Abby. It is easy to lose oneself in a world where breathing and loving becomes one and the same, and where the need of having the person you love close to you is at times overwhelming. Abby is a great character, she is funny, smart and mature. Her life experiences forced her to mature before her time. I think the author did an awesome job, these two characters had demons to conquer and wounds to heal. They fought the battler together and trusted that with each other support, love could conquer all.

The raw emotions and overwhelming reality for these two characters brought them together and in turn it strengthens their bond. I loved this story, at times silly and funny and other times emotional and raw. I think the characters were perfect and fantastically developed. The way the author exploit their feelings and emotions made the story feel quite real and allowed us to navigate them in a way that most of it could be easily recognized as things we once lived.

This young poppy love story brought back emotions and feelings that were at one time overwhelming and altering. It also brought out the undeniably most difficult phrase of all…what if. Sometimes we don’t stop to consider it until certain circumstances are exposed. I can now be considered a big fan of the Beautiful Disaster series because I was not only able to identify with the character but I was able to compare my young years of overwhelming love with the love felt by Travis & Abby. Beautiful Disaster is a fantastic story.

Young girls will hope for a loving guy like Travis and women will wonder what if...