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The Collector - Victoria Scott **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's blog **

REVIEW: When I saw The Collector available in NetGalley I was static. The Collector was one of the most anticipated Paranormal YA books of April and there is a reason. This is a fast pace story in which good has to fight evil and where evil comes in the form of a bad boy named Dante Walker. His personality along with his looks makes good girls really bad. Dante Walker’s job as The Collector is to seal or stamp your soul so that when you die the “Boss Man” as he calls the devil takes possession of your soul.

On the other side of the spectrum we have Charlie, a sweet and kind girl who makes everyone and everything around her feel better. These two characters are quite different, while Dante goes around “stamping souls” and being a wise-ass, Charlie goes around helping people and passing around hope and love.

I’ll admit I did not like much of Dante’s behavior throughout half of the book. He was arrogant, insufferable, immature and annoying. However, as the story progressed he grew on me. There are many things to enjoy about this book & Dante as a character; some readers will find Dante funny and cute, and at times adorable. Others will find him annoying, childish and selfish. I think Dante was funny and a total jackass at times, which I must admit to have enjoyed. However, as the story developed his attitude and outlook of life as well as his job as a collector changed. I did enjoy his character because he made the story fun and entertaining, his character gave the story the necessary twist and spark. Though his actions were at times predictable his character was able to maintain a level of uncertainty that made the story a lot more interesting.

Charlie, on the other hand, is sweet, honest, and always sees the good in people. She isn’t exactly what I call a great heroine, but her maturity and fantastic personality won my heart. She is what one would call a good soul. After a terrible accident took away her parents, Charlie’s life changed and so did her purpose for living. She was born with a purpose in life and that purposed was what caught the “Boss Man” attention. The way Dante and Charlie interacted was sweet, other characters such as Blue & Annabelle were great and added the perfect balance to the story. Overall, The Collector is an entertaining story of redemption, love and understanding. It is also a story where love and hope can be found even in the darkest of souls and where friendship is highly valued. Victoria Scott did a good job putting these two very different characters together. This series has all the necessary ingredients to be a hit, it has great characters who are matured and smart, it has romance & action. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy self-centered, chatty, wise-ass and compassionate characters. Did you hear? Dante has cause mass hysteria in the YA Paranormal world. Get ready because his real job has just begun.