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Playing Hooky

Playing Hooky - Rita Webb **Originally posted at ReadingDiva's Blog

MINI REVIEW: Playing Hooky is a short, sweet & entertaining Paranormal read. The story is fresh and different, mostly because it is not just about vampires. The plot is entertaining, Emma and her best friend Jason were put in charge of finding a Siren who was presumably lost or kidnapped for her blood. The adventure starts when Emma & Jason embark into an hunt to find and save the Siren, while trying to discover who is behind the disappearance. While Jason is trying to protect his friend, he discover that his feelings for her are stronger than a love potion, and in terms Emma feelings surface. I liked both Emma and Jason, their friendship and attraction for each other made them likeable. I recommend this novella if you are looking for something different, an adventure filled with mystical creatures & young love. I think Rita Webb did a good job creating a story that feels different yet it has all the paranormal/urban fantasy elements to keep the reader entertained. The mystery behind what Jason really is is a good start for what is to happen on the next book, I am looking forward to find out what happens with Emma’s sister and how she ended up knowing about all the mystical creatures before her sister did.