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Being Me

Being Me - Lisa Renee Jones **Review originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: While I am not going to deny my preference is leaning towards Mark, I have to admit Chris is probably the one male hero I would like to be real. This series only keeps getting better. I love the mystery behind the journals, the mystery behind the Master and of course I love the characters. Being Me is the 2nd book in the Inside Out Trilogy, it answers a lot of questions but it also creates a few more.

Being Me takes us into a deep & emotional roller-coaster that one can’t help but crave and want. Chris and Sara are now moving onto a new stage in their relationship and while things may not be one hundred percent what Sara thought it would be, both characters are making compromises to make it work. Sara can’t deny she is in-love with Chris but at the same time she is afraid she would lose herself under Chris’s dominating personality. Chris wants to keep Sara away from Mark because he knows Mark is perhaps the only man who can easily take Sara away from him. I love how this perhaps twisted love/sexual triangle is playing out. The drama, the tension and the desire that exist between them is exciting. Chris, Mark & Sara are phenomenal. I am still struggling with how I feel about each of them, Chris is dark, secretive and all sexual, Mark is dark, mysterious, sexual and dominating. I can’t decide who I like more. Sarah is strong, independent, but her true nature is of a submissive. Heck, I wouldn’t be able to deny either of those two men. While I love the connection that has been established between Sara and Rebecca I can’t help but think that Sara is almost the shadow of what Rebecca was.

This series must be read in order so that one can get to enjoy its full potential. I enjoy how one book connects and flows onto the other, the scenes and mystery feeds the imagination and one can’t help but craft conclusions and ideas. I enjoy the mystery that exist behind Mark’s persona. Being Me gives us a different side this time around, the characters are more vulnerable, their feelings are nicely exploit and one can’t help but love them even more.

These characters are complex, their failures and flaws don’t necessarily defines them and that’s perhaps what makes them even more interesting. The journals take us into a world of dark desires, dark needs and amazing sexual awakening and experiences. I am looking forward to more, I crave to see how far Sara and Chris and of course Mark goes. I am not against an encounter between Sara & Mark, as far as Mark is concern, the possibilities are endless. This book has everything I like in an Erotica book, it has passion, deceit, drama, tension, dark desires and hot sex. I am looking forward to Master Undone & Revealing Us.