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The Mistress

The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: When it comes to Tiffany Reisz and her Original Sinners Series there is very little or no comparison. Her ability to craft amazing characters, and a tantalizing and erotic not to mention complex and scorching plot is unparallelled.

If you have followed this series and have already read The Prince then you are in for a treat. The Mistress starts right where The Price ends and it brings back all the angst and emotions of the kidnapping. While Wesley is going mad trying to find Nora, Kingsley and Soren are plotting if you can call their machinations a plot to bring Nora back safe. I am not sure how I was able to hold myself together while reading this book, I had moments where I had to walk away from it because I didn’t think I was able to take anymore uncertainty. Nora fights for her life in the only way she knows she can. She buys time by giving her captor a really good story, her narration of her past and that of Kingsley and Soren is thrilling, engaging and engrossing making The Mistress my favorite of the series so far. At times poetic and funny, Nora words flow from one event to the other giving us a first row glimpse into the world of Soren & Kingsley. A world which we have been able to just peek at some point or another but not with the same details, as descriptive and from Nora’s perspective.

We already know how much love these characters have for one another, what we didn’t know is how deep and how much sacrifice they were willing to make for each other. As Nora kidnappers keep digging into everyone’s past, Soren and Kingsley have already found the who and the what, yet the how is still unknown. The events that follow make it for a thrilling and intriguing read that will shock you. This book brings out all sort of emotions, anger, frustration and awe. Though I have always loved how Soren seem to manage the worse of the drama I was also happy to see that he did have a soft side, the author exploit this side without altering the essence of who Soren was, perhaps one of the most collected, yet strongest characters I have ever read. It broke my heart, but it only strengthened my adoration for his character. While Kingsley has always been the go to men for solving issues, his inability to keep Nora safe made him vulnerable while turning him into a very dangerous man who would do the unimaginable to keep his promise to Nora & Soren. Kingsley may be seen as Soren’s shadow by many readers, perhaps that’s the intention but I like to think he is just the side that compliments Soren, the hands on devil who had manages to maintain a status, order and the love of Soren. I love how strong, dominating and all male he can be but I also loved seeing how much pain, frustration he has suffered while always keeping the same selfless love for Soren. These characters were so involved in everything that was happening that it made the story feel real.

This Original Sinners is perhaps the most elaborate, detailed and erotic series I have come to read in a long time. The author has managed to expose a subject that is by far one of the most controversial topics one can think of, where sex, love, pleasure and plain are sometimes one and the same. I love these characters, I really do. I am amazed by the plot which flows beautifully from one book to the other and the essence of the series is never lost. Be ready to see a very different Nora, a totally vulnerable Soren and an almost defeated Kingsley, but do not fear the conclusion will shock you, it will rattle you but it will make you whole all at the same time. You will gasp, you will cry and they will be times when your heart will contrite, but be certain that though the book will come to an end, you will left satisfied. I love Nora but I can’t help to have fallen in-love with Soren, Kingsley & Wesley. A fantastic series, with a fantastic plot and even more fantastic characters. It is going to hurt when this series comes to an end…