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Binding Agreement

Binding Agreement - Kyra Davis **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog - Rating 3.5 of 5

REVIEW: This series has many twists and turns, if you have followed it you will see where the frustration is coming from. If you haven’t gotten to it yet, you may want to catch up because it is interesting and different. In this installment of Just One Night – Binding Agreement we are witnessing Kasie’s decisions and indecision and her inner battle with her feelings for Robert. She is in-love with Robert yet she is incapable of escaping him even when her she knows he is danger, he means change and the changes he is offering will perhaps turn her into something she would’ve never expect it. Changes that she craves however is afraid of. What I find interesting and frustrating about this story is that though Kasie craves everything Robert is offering and giving her, and to an extend she enjoys the change and the power he is offering she still struggles with the idea that pretty much what he says to her and have shown her is many times true. Perhaps it is denial, or the sentiments behind her sister’s death or her inability to put a stop to her parents expectations.

Robert has a way of getting into Kasie’s mind and body, what I like about his character is that though he tries to show his strong, powerful and sinful personality to Kasie, he can’t deny his attraction for her is a lot more powerful than anything else he has experience. He craves her body and mind, while he tries to show her how much more powerful they can be as a team, he also twist and presents her with the alternative which is submitting to him in body and mind. I like how manipulative he is, because that for a chance gives the story an edge. I think this story can maintain its edge if only the author would strengthen Kasie’s personality. She isn’t a child nor a lost teenager. She is a mature woman who has been on her own, who is a professional and who has made a name for herself, I want to see a stronger character, her childish behavior is frustrating and annoying. Her indecision of “Yes I want to be strong” and “I can’t be like Robert” is it driving me up the wall. Give her a voice, she needs it. Robert doesn’t need any adjustment, he is awesome just as he is.

I like the series but I just can’t get past Kasie’s childish and immature indecision about her present and future, and her dwelling on her past. If this keeps going I am going to be sad but I may stop reading it...wait is the series over?