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The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay ***Originally posted @ReadingDiva's Blog *** - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: I have become a believer once again. There is always a possibility that characters and stories all start to blend in and start sounding and feeling the same, well that’s until you read The Sea Of Tranquility. Not always one come across books like those where characters and plot lines are exquisitely created, and in which the phrase new beginning takes a whole new meaning. This story as well as the characters flow in perfect harmony.

The Sea Of Tranquility is the story of two young adults who find themselves being thrown around by their feelings, their actions and their past. I like to think that nothing bad ever happens to people but even in books that is never the case. This story broked my heart, Nastya a young girl with a shattered soul who finds herself trying to put the pieces of her life and heart back together. Though she isn’t exactly type of girl that screams love and tenderness, under the facade of toughness and rough attitude lies a broken soul screaming for help and understanding. I really liked this story because it is deep, it is realistic and it certainly makes us wonder if we could ever overcome tragedy.

Nastya & Josh aren’t the perfect characters, they both have suffer greatly. Nastya suffered a terrible trauma that would’ve destroy the strongest of people, but Nastya was brought back from a certain death because she had a purpose in life, even when she didn’t see it that way. Josh suffered dearly when at a young age he lost his mother and sister and later on his father. Tragedy marked these two characters who found on each other peace and purpose. I think this story though it is sad it is also very deep and realistic. We hear and see tragedy happening around us and not always we stop to think how it could happen to us and how we would react. I found this story shattering and sad, but I also found it to be a burst of fresh air within a genre that seems saturated with whining and selfish teenagers. I loved this book, it has everything a powerful story should have, love, tenderness, tragedy and second chances. Do not hesitate to pick up this book, you will not regret it.