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This Man

This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas ***Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: As I read Erotica and Steamy Romance I become more aware of what we women like. And though we always seem keen on finding a man who protect us and love us at all cost we also seem to get frustrated when we find a man who does exactly that. Isn’t it weird that the more we read about these beautiful, powerful,over protective and at times overbearing men the more we want them? Have we forgotten our individualism, or are we looking for a daddy figure? Whatever the case may be one can’t deny the sex-appeal these characters have and the more overprotective they are the more we like them.

Now, having said that I must say that I can’t help but feel attracted to powerful, sexy and over protective men. This Man is the story of Jesse and Ava two people who are quite different in many ways. Jesse is sexy, intelligent, mysterious and very rich. His power for control isn’t necessarily something he made part of his life, no, it all started when he met Ava. After meeting Ava his world turned for the best/ worse depending on the angle from which you see it. His attraction for her was instant, she woke something in him that he didn’t think it existed, she opened the door to his heart and he didn’t know when and how he lost himself in her.

Ava is an interior designer. Educated, funny, beautiful and witty, not to mention with a very filthy mouth and loves wine. She works hard and party hard and though she has had her share of drama she isn’t afraid of having fun. She has made a name for herself, and her dedication and hard work put her face to face with Jesse Ward. Jesse has a lot of baggage from his past, his need and attraction for Ava will get the best of him and bring out the worse, Ava on the other hand enjoy the sex and the emotions and thrills that comes with it, however she easily feels overcome and overwhelmed by his protective if not obsessive need for control over her.

These two characters are explosive, their interaction, their flirts and the sex is unbelievable. Things between them go at the speed of light and Jesse isn’t timid about his plans for Ava. He will f*ck her to oblivion and back if necessary. His punishment is sex, his rewards is more sex. I was expecting my iPad to burst into flame at any moment from the sexual tension and sexual scenes in this book. My god, is it possible to be f*cked into obedience? You may want to ask Jesse Ward he thinks it is possible or he will die trying.

You may find certain similarities to other books out there (Fifty Shades & Blackstone Affair, etc). But do not let that fool you, the story line isn’t he same. Jesse is broken in more than one way. I think readers will find a very interesting and different story. There are lies, deceit, tons of hot sex and dirty mouthed heroine. I think the level in which Jesse is damaged may surpass that of what we have seen in other stories/books of similar theme. I think This Man has all the ingredients for an explosive, and flat-out exciting series. Yes, there is a ton of sex, there is a macho man wanting to f*ck his heroine to exhaustion and there is a mysterious past that add the suspense and interest necessary to keep you craving for more. Step aside Christian & Anna, Jesse & Ava have just moved to the top and they may be here to stay.